Vagina Den-What-a?

The Danger Room reports the emergence of a new anti-rape device that’s coming out in South Africa. It is essentially a vagina dentata that ensnares the attackers organ in rows of razor sharp “teeth.”
It’s like something out of a movie. This is really scary and gross to me on a purely personal level. I’m not saying that rapists who find themselves so injured didn’t have it coming or that potential rape victims shouldn’t try to defend themselves, but this seems like a bad idea. Even if, as the inventor says “it’s a medieval device for a medieval deed” and your eye-for-an-eye sense approves of it there are practical reasons why it may do more harm than good.
I don’t think this would incapacitate an attacker, so much as injure him but leave him standing and probably pissed off and therefore still a danger to the victim. I imagine the attacker would be much more likely to kill the victim if he sees his weapon of choice torn to ribbons. Also, it seems rather last resort. There have to be more effective means of self defense that enable would-be victims to protect themselves without letting it go that far.
On the other hand,if knowledge of the device becomes widespread fear of the contraption might act as a general deterrent and the threat of its presence may act as a specific deterrent.

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