1L Dispatch: What I Did on my Winter Vacation

I think that if I ever actually do get a real job, I’m going to have a very hard time getting used to not getting damn near a month off every Winter. I’m not sure why college (and law) students need so much time between the Fall and Spring semesters, but I do know that I was sorely in need of some R&R after my finals. It felt good to let my mind recover from the vagaries of things like promissory estoppel or the Rule Against Perpetuities and settle back with a pile of uncracked novels, virgin comics, and unplayed video games. But it wasn’t all sedentary. Consider that in the last month I have:

  1. Traveled from San Francisco to Portland for a little vacation, then back to San Francisco. Went from San Francisco to Cocoa, FL for a Christmas with the family, then back to San Francisco. Flew from San Francisco to San Diego to visit a friend and ring in the New Year, then back to San Francisco. Hauled my jetlagged ass from San Francisco to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, then back to San Francisco.
  2. Went into internet withdrawal when I was staying with my parents and had to face the reality of dial-up.
  3. Read a few novels, graphic and otherwise.
  4. Cleaned out the remaining books I left at my ancestral manse in Florida, and forced myself to sell (or try to sell) many of my unneeded comics and books on Amazon.
  5. Discovered I am the Worst Gambler in the History of Chance by losing at literally every single game I tried to play in Las Vegas.
  6. Managed to walk through the casinos in the company of a bunch of dudes without anyone ever saying “Vegas, Baby!” (Although there was some singing of the Entourage theme when everyone put on their collared shirts).
  7. Picked up some fashion tips and made a new a friend.
  8. Got pleasantly drunk, multiple times.
  9. Watched the entire 2nd season of The West Wing via Netflix and the 4th season of The Wire OnDemand. I think I can get through the Writer’s Strike…
  10. Cared not a whit about Spider-man making a lame ass deal with the devil.
  11. Saw no fewer than eight movies: There Will Be Blood, Juno, I am Legend, Walk Hard, Charlie Wilson’s War, No Country for Old Men, Atonement, Sweeney Todd. They were pretty much all awesome in their own way and kicked varying amounts of ass.
  12. Saw the inside of a jet hangar. 47 days since the last alcohol related accident. Huzzah!
  13. Watched the drunk girls fall like drowsy babies in downtown San Diego as the bars emptied after the first last call of 2008.
  14. Got an awesome array of theme t-shirts for Christmas. (It pays to have a sister who manages a Hot Topic).
  15. Met my nephew.
  16. Broke a chair.
  17. Finally jumped to the next gen level and got myself an X-Box 360 so that I could: (a) get my mind blown by the game Portal and (b)Enter the underwater Objectivist dystopia of Rapture and both harvest and rescue all the Little Sisters. (Beat the game BioShock, for those who aren’t huge nerds)
  18. Applied for a study abroad program in Australia.

I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty full break. But it’s over now and I find myself shifting once more into 1L gear. Things feel a little more stable this time around because I have some idea what the hell I’m doing now. My grades were decent, and I’m more or less pleased with them. Now Torts has given way to Criminal Law and I’m learning about Environmental Law instead of Property. I’m also back in San Francisco for a little while., with ample broadband so with any luck I’ll start posting with a little more frequency.

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