Old Faithful

I just caught last week’s Ultimate Fighter (thanks to DVR, I don’t miss an episode even if it takes me a while to get caught up sometimes) and I think this season has the wackiest bunch of misfit fighters yet. I’m sure it has something to do with them being lightweights and constantly feeling like they have to prove how tough they are to the world but these guys come off like total wackjobs. Please note: I recognize that they are very tough hombres, I’m just saying there seems to be a lot of unnecessary posturing.

I’m thinking especially of Corey here. Passion and inner drive are great; I would even go so far as to say they are vital tools for anyone who calls himself a fighter. But (note to Corey Hill) you can be passionate and fired up without looking like a complete and utter raving lunatic. He’s running around practice screaming and yelling to himself, entering some kind of weird berserker rage for no apparent reason. I realize that this is a reality show, and to a certain degree I’m sure he was cast precisely for his brash personality and not his experience. And I know they need people like him to liven up the show, but I was distinctly turned off. He is a tremendous athlete, and if Jeremy Horn is impressed with his chops as a learner, I can’t argue with that. I think the ability to absorb coaching and internalize techniques quickly is more important than natural ability, and it looks like Corey has both. He just needs to calm the fuck down before he steps into the octagon. I’ve trained with fighters like him before, and they can have a tendency to huff and puff and psych themselves up so much that they lose focus in the hurly-burly.

The other notable craziness of the episode revolved around good ole Gabe trying to shed his extra chub before he has to fight. I don’t understand why these fighters come in to the show so heavy when they know they are going to have to get down to their weight class. Again, I have to wonder if Dana White recruits these guys on purpose so that those of us out there in TV Land get to watch the madness when they frantically try to cut weight. Gabe Ruediger turned to colonic therapy. He took some serious flack for wanting to lose weight by having a water hose shoved up his nether region and I probably would have mocked him mercilessly if I had been in the house. His coach Bj Penn didn’t really seem to understand the whole thing and was pretty dumbfounded. The assistant coach (whose name escapes me) gave Gabe a talking to, telling him that he doubted his commitment. Questioning whether he came on the show to get a contract or to get a colonic. I think that was specious reasoning on his part, as the two things were not mutually exclusive and I highly doubt that Gabe decided to go on SpikeTV in some sort of scheme to get a free colon cleaning. But I also don’t think having a guyser of water run through your lower bowels is the most effective weight loss strategy. What ever happened to jolly ranchers and saunas?

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