Netflix Punisher Series Review

Finished off the final episode of season 1 today. It was a good, solid chunk of story that dealt with themes of the human toll of violence in war, the exploitation of soldiers to serve the (potentially) ignoble ends of their superiors. What it was not, was a Punisher story. Not necessarily. For me, Frank is at his best when he is methodically murdering his way up the chain of a criminal syndicate because all he knows is war and he has focused that rage on organized crime. Settling personal scores and untangling the conspiracy that ended up taking his family away is fine, and I see why they decided to focus the series on that personal mission, with the built-in stakes. But for my money, I would rather see the Punisher abusing rental return policies in the service of delivering hot lead to scumbags:


Or maybe punching a polar bear to get it riled up enough to eat a criminal he has cornered in it’s enclosure:

Either way, the slow burn investigation into the off-the-books heroin smuggling/assassination ring Franks’ superiors had him caught up in was fine but it lead to several episodes where Frank didn’t kill anyone at all. What kind of Punisher tale is that?

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