There have been some Lost-haters this past season. It’s probably my favorite show on the TV, and while I recognize many of its faults I am so invested in the mysteries of the island that I am willing to forgive them. But ever since the show came back from the mid-season hiatus, I feel like the creators have been firing on all cylinders; they’ve been hitting us with bombshells, playing with the narrative format of the show, and delivering some genuine pathos to boot. Has the second part of the season been perfect? No, but even the relatively uneventful standalone episodes were entertaining enough. But episodes like “Not in Portland” and “Flashes Before Your Eyes” which included a Scotsman who has come unstuck in time(!) have been off-the-charts bad-ass, and the show has delivered some of the most solid episodes in the most consistent manner since it returned.

Noel Murray over at the Onion A.V. Club has just written about last night’s season finale, and I pretty much agree with him (BEWARE OF SPOILERS). The resolution of the Charlie storyline was well-handled, and the set-up for future plots makes me wonder (like always, but in a good way) how the writers are going to have this make any sense. The mind-blowing revelations will have to wait for future seasons, but as far as suspense, action, and mystery go last night’s finale delivered.

I also think the shift to shorter, more tightly-focused 16 episode next year will be a good thing. It will do away with the momentum-killing hiatus and make the producers focus on chipping away the more extraneous plot threads. From here on out, it’s all killer, no filler. And I can’t wait.

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