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The Lexi-Sean: Improving the English Language One Word at a Time

These are words I like to use, and that I think more people should say as often as possible.

Eyeball– Verb; 1. To inspect or look at something, usually with a higher degree of scrutiny than is desired or necessary, especially when accusing someone of staring at you too intently for their own good. “Are you Eyeballing me, boy?” (The “boy” is optional, but really adds flavor.) Or “Stop Eyeballing everyone that passes by and pay attention to playing your viola.” 2. To estimate a measurement based solely on ocular information. “Are you going to use a measuring cup to add the proper amount of milk to your oatmeal? No, I’m just going to Eyeball it.”

If you can, you should use this word today. It will make you happier.