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Friday Night Fights: Espionage Done Right

It’s that time again. Bahlactus bangs his hammer and we rise to the bell.

queen and country: tara chase kicks ass

Comics don’t have to be about overgrown freaks in capes and tights. Queen & Country consistently proves this by telling excellent spy stories. Greg Rucka explores the high stakes world of international espionage without resorting to the laser-wristwatch camp of middle-period Bond. Tara Chace, top secret agent for Britain’s Special Section, gets the job done with grit and intelligence. Its a great comic and this is but one example of her putting her close quarters combative training to good use by mixing it up with this poor schmuck.

Friday Night Fights: Daredevil Mixes it Up With Bullseye. Again.

In the case of Daredevil v. Bullseye, Mr. Murdock employs some radical legal strategies. Normally counsel does not mention wanting to hear his opponents bones splinter. But then, usually the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure do not provide for the use of throwing stars.

daredvil fights bullseye frank miller

So a lawyer does what he has to to win the case up to and including using his adversary’s firearm.

daredivl fights bullseye frank miller

He has no choice when Bullseye resorts to the controversial “This brick… mash your face” defense first utilized by Allen Dershowitz in Brick v. Face.

daredevil fights bullseye frank miller

But victory is what’s important, whether its established by a well-reasoned application of legal theory or choking your adversary until he stops moving.

bullseye fights daredevil 4 frank miller

I would be telling an outright lie if I said that a big part of the reason I’m in law school at all is the influence of Daredevil. Man, that’s sad. I hope Bahlactus can make me feel better.

Friday Night Fights: When The Question Met Shiva, He Got Schooled

the question fights lady shiva: zen and violence


The Question is old school. He is a scholar and a gentleman, so he doesn’t want to hurt the lady. But that’s no ordinary lady, it’s Lady Shiva. She does stuff like this:


question fights shiva : zen and violence


He started out as an Objectivist and later became kinda Zen, but neither his philosophy nor his awesome no-face mask can help him not get his ass kicked.


the question fights lady shiva, zen and violence


Fortunately for him, this was the first step down a road to bad-assery and he did what he had to do. Until he died. But neither that, nor this fight was the fault of Bahlactus.

Friday Night Fights: Kevin Matchstick Puts His Shoulder Into It

MAGE: Kevin Matchstick Throws Down


It’s an older entry into the lineup, from the original Mage: The Hero Discovered series by Matt Wagner. Kevin Matchstick is just an average guy who finds out he’s the reincarnation of King Arthur, complete with Excalibur in the form of a glowing magical baseball bat. But just cause he likes his Louisville Slugger doesn’t mean Kevin Matchstick can’t make with the fisticuffs. And that bald guy he’s punching? He’s a Grackleflint. I love that name.

This is part of Friday Night Fights. It all started with Bahlactus.

Friday Night Fights: GODLAND Brings the Three-Way Melee

It’s supersiblings versus robots in this edition of Friday Night Fights, so if you have a problem with that take it up with Bahlactus. GODLAND brings the Kirby style to the present day. It’s got star babies, giant alien dogs, drug-addicted skulls floating in tanks attached to robot bodies, and of course, robots.


Friday Night Fights: Stepping Into the Ring Towards the End of the Round

Darwin, The Evolving Boy from the Uncanny X-Men

Darwin is pretty attached to his Professor, and he’s not afraid of getting a little Shi’ar blood on his knuckles to find him. Why does the punch hurt so much? Because of evolution. Eat that, Intelligent Designers. I’m trying to hang with Bahlactus.