1L Dispatch: The People That I Meet

The charter for my law school requires that the college be within a certain proximity to the courts. This gives us access to the center of legal practice here in San Francisco, but it also means that the school is centered in the Tenderloin – as wretched a hive of scum and villainy as you’re likely to find in the Bay Area. It is euphemistically called a neighborhood in transition, but it appears to be a transition from crackden to crazytown.

It’s not that the area is overly dangerous, although we do hear about the occasional incident. But every day on my way to school I get to see something new, be it making my way through a gaggle of annoyed drag queens or watching some of the more colorful Tenderloin denizens ply their wares.  This lady, for example, gave the end of my day a little extra excitement:

Tenderloin Follies

I know that street performers are nothing new, but I felt she really had something special going for her. She is in fact dancing around in her underwear. Outside the United Nations building. In the middle of the afternoon. With a violin (or possibly a lute). The best part: her instrument had no strings and there was no music coming from it or anywhere. San Francisco. Sigh.

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