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Throughout this whole Imus kerfluffle, I’ve had a hard time reconciling why the mummified provacatuer had caused such an outrage. Besides it being a slow news week, I don’t see why his (admittedly in poor taste) was so central in the public discourse when other media personalities say much more bigoted and potentially offensive things on a daily basis. Radio personalities and others routinely move along the border of the things we can and cannot say in public. I think part of it has to do with the so-called serious guests Imus books- senators, authors, etc,). Andrew Sullivan suggests that it might also have something to do with a lack of ironic distance between what Imus the man may or may not believe and what Imus the character says to be controversial. He also mentions South Park, which I always appreciate.

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  • not that i have anything profound to add to your blog. but I so agree!!! maybe it is because I am white? but i am a woman, and please do call my head nappy any time you please.

    i think the worst part of this whole 15 seconds of “omg!!!” is that the rutgers team is trying to convince the public that they were seriously hurt. I am sorry, but in any sport, you have commentators calling you whatever they please. Racial or not, I doubt any of them actually heard Imus’ comment, and further, I bet they brushed it off. I laughed when i heard their coach in a press conference inferring they needed ‘time to heal.’ sigh.

    I am going to try using that line myself.

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