Encouraging Ennui

I’m as glad as the next guy that people are getting excited about politics. Presidential elections are always a sight to behold, and the next one promises to be a real horse race as opposed to the 2004 debacle. The fieldf is wide open on both sides of the aisle and everybody seems to be getting pumped for their favorite frontrunners. And that is great. But the thing to remember is that the election is almost two years away. The first primary is (probably) a full year away.

I know the American people have to poked and prodded into elctoral action and the infusion of relatively new and exciting figures like Obama as well as popular old school possibilities like McCain and Clinton has got the hoi polloi actually getting psyched about politics. This is generally a good thing, but I am wary of electoral burnout. Americans are not known for their long attention spans and the glut of media coverage of these candidates is likely to stretch beyond it. I don’t know if I have the stomach for the intensive coverage of every step on the electoral trail. From the exploratory committees to the the fundraising trips, in the struggle to fill 24 hours, the news networks have given us story after story about the minutiae of everything. Even the most wired of CNN-junkies will start tuning out and stop checking the blogs if they have to keep this intensity for another 20 months. The people will get bored and then excitement they feel now will wilt slowly away and we’ll end up with another apathetic turnout in November 2008. Mark my words. Throttle down, CNN. Throw the brakes on, Fox News. Surely there is other stuff you could be reporting on.

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