A Suitcase of Mystery

A woman in Lisbon bought a mysterious suitcase at an auction in 1968. It was full of religious texts from all over the world, and one strange book in an indecipherable language. It’s a black book with “an imprint of a flowering rose pierced by an arrow’s shaft. The
back cover, bound to the front with three black laces, is also black,
but devoid of markings.” It seems that scholars have been unable to translate or even place the tome, and it may well be a cipher.

I think that is insanely cool, and I would love to leave something like that behind for the unsuspecting. A legacy of mystery and adventure is a way better than old papers and my favorite comic books. I also like how random it was for this woman to buy the suitcase at an auction completely unaware of what it would mean for her. I always look for things like that: the secret history, the artifacts that people can’t explain.

link (via Religion News)

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