This Friday Night at the Movies?

There are so many movies out that I want to see right now, that my head feels like it might explode every time I look at (the fandango puppets keep me from using the service). I have a whole weekend to kill, but I’m not sure I would be able to see everything that’s out there right now even if I didn’t already have a few Tangos to take care of in Rainbow Six: Vegas this weekend. I’ve been busy the last few weekends, so I haven’t been spending as much time in the darkened comfort of the cinema house as I would like, and things have backed up on me a little bit. Maybe someone out there in the ether can help me make up my mind.

Grindhouse- This one is at the top of my list. It seems that everywhere I look, I see a good review for it, and I’m not the type of person to let the critics decide what I will and will not spend my hard-earned $10.00 on, but all the raves are getting me pumped.

Host- Again, a case where every thing I read makes me just a little more excited to see it. It’s been a while I since I sat down to watch something with subtitles (it’s from Korea (not the crazy one)), so it’ll help me feel smart again. Plus its about tentacled sea monsters. How could it go wrong?

The Lookout- I really liked Brick, and if this is anywhere half as good, that kid from 3rd Rock might be one to watch. I usually don’t “follow” actors so much as directors or writers, but for a select few I make exceptions- like Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Something about their choice of films make think they have high quality control. Not that there aren’t any duds in the mix, but more hits than misses. And this movie is supposed to be kind of a Memento-ish noir-y deal, right? I’m in.

Shooter- I don’t know why I want to see this, but I do. I have an affinity for celluloid snipers, whether in Sniper or Enemy at the Gates, I just get a kick at watching people look through rifle scopes.

Blades of Glory- I don’t think it will be as funny as Anchorman, or even Talladega Nights but Will Ferrell usually gets a laugh from me. Plus I watched alot of figure skating in my youth. My (completely heterosexual, why do you ask?) father used to love to watch figure skating on Saturday afternoons. Plus it’s got Pam from the Office and I think the people from that show should work as much as possible.

The Hills Have Eyes 2- This might go against some of my rules for going to the movies since it is a sequel to a remake, and no one seems to think it is very good. Why do I want to see it then? Honestly, I think I was affected by that cool victim p.o.v teaser they had with the soul/bluegrass music playing as the camera gets dragged across the desert.

300- Yes, I’ve seen it. But not in IMAX! Imagine seeing the decapitations on a three story screen.

First Snow- A sunshine noir? Don’t know much else about it except it involves a man who sees a psychic and is told he will die by the beginning of winter. Indie cool points.

The Namesake- I hear the novel was excellent, and I always want to learn more about Indian culture.

I suppose there are worse problems to have than two many movies to watch. And it looks like a big summer, with Spider-Man only a month away and Transformers and Fantastic Four 2 on the horizon.

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