Surveying the Field: CSI: Riyadh, Kids Say the Darnedest Things to Football Players, and Sex & Sensibility

I thought The Kingdom was pretty bad-ass, all things considered. This one is worth your time, even though it won’t change the world and isn’t as deep as it seems to think it is.

the game plan the rock

The Game Plan seems like a regrettable move for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Perhaps not quite as regrettable as trying to get everyone to stop calling him The Rock by putting in quotation marks in between his first and last name, but fairly regrettable nonetheless. Here he seems to be a famous quarterback who has to hilariously bond with the young daughter he never knew, which seems to include a number of tutu-related jokes. I tend to eschew movies with precocious children/adorable moppets who teach adults about the important things in life and/or help them realize shallow emotional truths and I don’t see anything in this movie to make me feel otherwise.

feast of love

I’m not completely against the romantic comedy genre, although it does lend itself to cliche and tired meet-cutes. The best one stand out not for revolutionizing the genre, but for adding a unique voice and making the audience think about familiar emotions in a new (and hopefully amusing) way. Feast of Love looks like it may or may not accomplish this. This ensemble comedy could easily be a dud, but there is a sliver of hope it could be another Love, Actually. I might see this.

jane austen book club

The Jane Austen Book Club, on the other hand I will avoid like an estrogen plague. Becoming Jane already filled my quasi-feminist Austen love story. Pass.

And that’s it. Another week of slim pickings. But The Darjeeling Limited is in limited release, although it doesn’t look like its opening in San Francisco yet. And The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford still looms on the horizon, so there is hope for the near future.

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