Okay, So I Lied

Why should I devote my attention to writing that actually matters and which my academic future depends on when I can do meaningless blog updates instead?

First things first: As a card-carrying member of the Geek League I was required to catch a midnight showing of Spider-Man 3 last night so my sorry is tired. I didn’t get out of the theater until 3:00am. I was drawn in once again, and though the running time is long, I never felt bored or like the movie was dragging. It was awesome, although possibly slightly less awesome than the previous two installments.

spider-man 3

I do have two complaints:(exceedingly minor spoilers)
1. There were some weird musical numbers that seemed out of place, including a “Spider-Man Rag” number, in which Tobey Maguire goes all “Chicago.” Kirsten Dunst may or may not be a good singer. I really can’t say, but did we need her to sing two different songs in the same movie? (That was a rhetorical question. We did not.)

2. Three villains seems a tad excessive, not to the laughable degree that marked the stalling out of the Batman franchise, but still the movie seemed a little overstuffed. I suppose there are worse complaints to make about a movie than that it had “too much stuff happening.” And how I think about is inextricably linked with the future of the franchise. If this really was the last Spider-Man film from Senor Raimi and the gang, than I can forgive them a little for wanting to do too much. I understand that the whole Harry/Green Goblin II angle may have been slightly repetitive and can see why they would want to punch things up with some other underwear perverts. But Sandman and Venom are both huge parts of Spidey’s rogues gallery and I think either one could have warranted the “lead villain” role alone. I think it would have been better to introduce Eddie Brock and the symbiote in this film, to let the bad blood between them and Peter Parker develop while he is dealing with Sandman and Green Goblin II. Then have Venom emerge as the central villain in the next installment.

But if this was the last film from these guys (with 40 years of Spider-Man backstory and a ton of cash rolling in, I’m sure there will be a sequel but the involvement of Maguire et al is up in the air) I can see why they wouldn’t want to bother with all the long haul storytelling. As it stands, it does seem like things happen fast and not all the characters get time to really develop. There are fewer quiet moments than in the previous installments, and while it is by a narrow margin, I would have to say this my least favorite Spider-Man film (so far). The fact that I can say that about such a kick-ass film is a testament to the strength of the whole series.

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