1L Dispatch: Not Shopping, Not Playing Video Games.

As we all know, today is the biggest day of the year for American retailers. The stores opened at an ungodly time this morning and they are laying out heavy discounts to draw in those willing to sweat their way through the madness for a good deal. I am abstaining from the whole grisly ordeal even though the recent releases of video games Halo 3, Bio-Shock, and The Orange Box have got me seriously eyeing an X-Box 360 and I could pick one up for an excellent price today.

Why am I foregoing the excellent bargain for pixellated goodness? It’s not because I am fearful of the crowds and want to avoid the suicidal impulses that I usually feel when surrounded by a mass of humanity. I could handle it if I had to. And it’s not because I have chosen to opt out against the rampant consumerism of the modern capitalist culture by buying nothing. Although I suppose I am accidentally supporting the cause.

No, the reason I am not participating in black Friday Shopping is because I am too busy reading, re-reading, summarizing, re-summarizing, paraphrasing, memorizing, and outlining. I have no time for the sweet release of video game purchasing or playing. Like a prize fighter who must always keep his next opponent in mind while he punishes himself in the gym, I have to keep my mind focused on the exams to come while foregoing the pleasures of time off. This close to the end, there is no such thing as time off and I cannot very well memorize (several of the) the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure if I allow myself to go buy an X-Box and run around shooting aliens all day.

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