2L Dispatch: Over the Hump

I am back in San Francisco after returning from Australia and  spending an awkward time at the ancestral manse in Florida spinning my wheels with nothing to do except play video games and grow fatter while my finely tuned academic muscles withered into atrophy.

But no more! School is back in session here at Hastings and the campus is positively buzzing with excitement. Early mornings and ridiculously overpriced textbooks can’t put a damper on my admittedly nerdy happiness with returning to class. The first class is kind of an adventure for me, because I tend to cut bait pretty quickly if the professor seems incompatible with my learning style. So far they all seem like keepers. My Corporations professor (who is Asian) won me over with his deadpan assertion that he won’t remember anyone’s name because all westerners look alike to him. I also like that he admitted from the outset that the subject matter was boring and dull and that we should not expect to be entertained in class. At least he owned up to it. But a good teacher can capture attention even if the class itself is dry and dull.

I am now on the downward slope of my law school career, halfway through my second year and well past the point of no return. It’s gone surprisingly fast. Spending a semester in the southern hemisphere was great, but it alienated me from my home school. Hastings feels kind of strange and distant to me now. It is oddly small after the overstuffed campus at UNSW. It will likely take me a few weeks to get acclimated to the school again. It almost feels like I’m a new student here. The mad rush of the start of the semester helps because it doesn’t leave much time notice the strangeness of renovated rooms and hangouts that are no longer cool.

I start the semester like I always do, buying my books late and dreading the professor spiteful enough to cold call on the first day of class. I much prefer the more relaxed “Here’s your syllabus. The exam is essay. My office hours are Monday at 2:00. See you next week.” school of introductory classes but they are few and far between here at Hastings. I renew my resolution to really study and commit to kicking academic ass this semester and not slack and procrastinate like I did last semester before proceeding to procrastinate and slack and maybe still manage to kick academic ass but only in mad fervor to get everything done in the last month of classes. But this time I really will review my notes every week and make my outline as the class progresses.

And maybe I will also blog more, learn a new language, and stop looking at cute pictures of cats on the internet for hours.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

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