2L Dispatch: Duly Noted

My Note is well finished and despite my frustrated rage at the difficulties of hammering it into shape, it turned out to be a masterpiece. This bit of legal scholarship will no doubt become the most influential and frequently cited student Note of all time because of its sparkling clarity, searing insight, and solid construction. Each sentence is a glittering gem of scholarly expression; each word is a mind-bomb that will literally explode every preconception you ever had about the termination and recapture of copyright, Superman, or the moral rights of authors. My research was impeccable. Every footnote supports the sentence like an Ionic column supports classical temples because in a very real sense, my Note is a classical temple of the mind with porticoes of flawless logic and vaunted arches of rhetorical skill.


Not really.

But it did turn out much better than I thought it might in the long, dark tea time of the soul. In the end, I can say that writing it was a positive experience and even if it doesn’t find its way into print my own writing, research, and editing skills are all a little sharper than they were when I first set hands to typing. That has to be worth something, right? If it does end up selected as publishable, I get to take a few passes at it to further refine it. Still, I felt a palpable sense of relief when I hit the send button and launched that bad boy into the ether. It feels like everything has kind of stopped and the hectic thrumming of impending deadlines isn’t drowning out the everyday portions of law school, which includes studying, reading, rereading, and then reading some more.

I also get to begin the inexorable march toward Finals. To work, then…

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