1L Dispatch: The First Month, Waxing On and Waxing Off

I find it a little hard to believe that the monthaversary of my law school career is here already. It seems like just yesterday I was first pissing my pants because I got called on the very first day. Thank you, Socratic method.

Everything feels like it’s starting to come together (at least a little). In those heady first couple weeks, I felt a little lost. I was doing the reading, briefing the cases, and not playing solitaire during class. But still I couldn’t quite grasp the concepts. Or more precisely, I couldn’t put my finger on which aspe3cts of the cases were important. Class discussions always surprised me, because other students would lock in on parts of the case that had escaped my notice. While I could follow the flow generally, I had no idea where things would go next.

Now, while I might not be the whiz-kid golden boy in every class, it feels like I have a better grip on the material and the way I’m supposed to be thinking about it. And from what I understand the whole point of law school is to train the mind to think like a lawyer, to be able to hold two contradictory sides of an argument and support both. I suppose that if you were to compare my situation with The Karate Kid (as I like to do with just about everything), I would be at the point where I just finished painting Mr. Miyagi’s fence. After I bitched about not learning anything, he showed me how the “wax on, wax off” motion could be used to totally block an attack. I’m still far away from tackling the Cobra Kai in the All-Valley Tournament, and I haven’t gotten anywhere near the legal equivalent of the Crane Kick but I feel like I turned an important corner.

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