1L Dispatch: Summer Assisting and Sydney Bound

I guess I’m technically not a 1L anymore, but for now 1L Dispatch sounds a little better than “Rising 2L Dispatch” so I guess I’ll keep it for a little while longer.

Grades have finally rolled in and I didn’t do quite as well as I would have liked, although I can’t really complain. Onward and upward, with nothing below a B. Now I just have to wait for my journal entries to come rolling in to see if I made the cut or not.

In the meantime I have been working as Research Assistant for one of my professors, exploring the seedy underbelly of copyright law which I find interesting anyway. Guess I lucked out. I really want to do a good job, so I’ve been working more than I’m technically supposed to. The pay is paltry and doesn’t really cover the amount of time I’ve been putting in, but that’s my choice. And its not like I have anything else to do anyway now that I have attained %100 completion on Grand Theft Auto IV. I have also been hitting the gym pretty hard in an effort to slough off the extra pounds of lard that accumulated on my ass lately.

My summer looks like this: I wake and lift. I shower. I research. I research. I research. I run. I box. I shower again. I sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. There are worse routines I suppose.

This only lasts another month or so and then I head off to Sydney for my Glamorous Semester Abroad. I’m spending the Fall semester at the University of New South Wales on an exchange program sponsored by my home school, Hastings. But because they are in the Southern Hemisphere and their seasons are wonky, the Fall semester in Australia starts in mid-July. (According to my research, people down there also walk on their hands and hamburgers eat people). This means I leave sunny San Francisco pretty soon. It also means I’ve had to jump through a number of hurdles in order to secure my student visa. I had to get a chest x-ray in order to prove I don’t have TB, perhaps because of the time I spent in South Africa. It seemed like more bureaucratic hoop-jumping than I normally encounter, but I guess that’s just how Australia rolls. The school also sent me a pamphlet with a pretty clear listing of what I am forbidden to bring into the country, on pain of booting.

I’ve done my share of International academic experiences over the years, and by all rights I should have worked this urge out of my system with the two European semesters of my undergrad career and the fact that I got my first graduate degree in South Africa but as soon as I start looking at the brochures from the international office, my mouth starts watering and my feet start itching. I stand in the travel guide section of borders and shuffle back and forth from one foot to the other like a junkie too long without a fix. So here I go.

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  • How about the New Metal Gear Solid? Are you bringing you PS3 to Australia?

  • Man, I never got a PS3. I’m considering getting one when I return because I really do wanna play tht game and Resident Evil 5 looks killer as well.
    I went the 360 route, and I’m now trying to sell that bad boy on Craigslist. I just got done playing Grand Theft Auto IV and it was awesome.

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