Where the Magic Happens

After a quick trip to Ikea and some assembling, I have a work station. It is tiny, just big enough to hold my fat stack of text books, some basic supplies, and my inspirational action figures. They used to occupy my desk at work, but since I am a full time student now they are now part of the apartment decor, much to my girlfriend’s delight. This is where I’m hard at work learning how to think like a lawyer:


Here’s what it looks like when I switch to blogging mode and prepare to regale the internet with my trenchant observations and witty commentary:

My workspace

3 Comments on "Where the Magic Happens"

  • Nice multi-purpose ,office ,study. Know all ,except the one on left, Who is that charcter?

  • Very nice! Long live the trenchant observations!

  • <p>Some more trenchant than others, obviously. And the action figure on the left is M.O.D.O.K., the <strong>M</strong>ental <strong>O</strong>rganism <strong>D</strong>esigned <strong>O</strong>nly for <strong>K</strong>illing. He’s basically a giant mutated, cybernetic head with little mechanical arms and legs who levitates around acting like a jerk. He is magnificent.</p>

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