The Lamest Things I Said Last Week: Shakespeare on Tex-Mex

When discussing the interchangeability of one South-Western style burrito restaurant for another establishment of like ambiance, price, and menu, for some reason I thought it would be funny for me to say this:

“A Moe’s by any other name would smell as beefy.”

It got about the response you would think. That is to say it made people groan, sigh, and roll their eyes. And shake their heads.

2 Comments on "The Lamest Things I Said Last Week: Shakespeare on Tex-Mex"

  • Moe’s? You guys have a Moe’s out there? All we have is this shitty place called Sharky’s. You would think that a burrito is a burrito is a burrito. How can you mess up beef, cheese, various vegetables, sour cream and torilla? Somehow they have figured it out though. Which leads me to believe that, a Moe’s by any other name does not smell as beefy. Good day.

  • No, no Moe’s out here. The aforementioned conversation took place in Orlando, FL during the Wallace-Hale wedding extravaganza. I do love to hit up Chipotle on a weekly basis, though.

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