Guilty as Charged: I am White and Love to Study Abroad

The eerily prescient blog Stuff White People Like, is like most really funny things, absolutely true. Whether it’s standing still at concerts (#67), public radio (#44), or microbreweries (#23), this newly discovered (by me anyway) site is a treasure trove of things that make me laugh by cutting just a little too close to the bone.

Their latest offering is especially evocative. It feels like the author wrote this article after reading through my travel journal circa 2003 and having a drink with me after I had just gotten home:

Thing White People Like #72: Study Abroad

I’ve done it (multiple times, for a very long time in South Africa) and am planning to do it again very soon, and I have found myself thinking or saying everything in this article at least once since then.

“By attending school in another country, white people are technically
living in another country. This is important as it gives them the
opportunity to insert that fact into any sentence they please.
“When I used to live in [insert country], I would always ride the
train to school. The people I’d see were inspiring.””

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  • I was recently introduced to SWPL by a very smart chap ( After I discovered that white people like Mos Def, and I am clearly white, and I do enjoy Mos Def, I felt shame. But not enough shame to remove “Sun, Moon and Stars” from my gym mix on my ipod. Two other things white people like.

  • I know. I’ve been running down this whole site since I ran across and every entry is at least a little bit true for me. It’s one of those things I kick myself for for not having thought of.

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