Silly Lightweights

I don’t know how many people out there are watching the new season of The Ultimate Fighter on SpikeTV, but it is on the second episode of the fifth season and I am getting sick of these sorry jokers already. All the fighters are in the Lightweight class, and that is a first for this show. I’m sure they are all badasses but they are collectively getting on my nerves faster than any reality show contestant before them, and I am laid back dude. Not only are they all out to prove how tough they are (a prerequisite for most men of napoleonic stature that is only intensified by being on a fighting show) but they seem incapable of wearing a hat in the proper manner. I know how fussy and nitpicky that sounds but there it is. I’m not saying they have to wear their hats bill forward in the customary manner of baseball players and Nascar fans. I can get behind a hat worn backwards, but these bozos wear theirs at highly unlikely angles. In every interview they give, their bills are all askew, askance, cock-eyed, helter-skelter, or willy-nilly. I want to reach through the screen and rotate their hats to a less distracting angle. Am I alone in this?

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