Back in the Ring to Take Another Swing

Boxing Boot Camp Third St. Gym Poster

The time has come once again to subject myself running ungodly distances at unthinkable hours of the morning and spending more time with a jumprope in my hands than would seem befitting for a grown man. For some reason, I’ve signed up for another boxing bootcamp at the Third Street Gym in San Francisco’s historic Dogpatch neighborhood. And by historic, I mean “pain in the ass to get to every morning at 6:00 am.” Last time, getting there was a snap because I lived just a few blocks away. Having moved literally across the city, I was hesitant about taking the plunge into this pugilistic pastime once again. I had a great time, and I could use the extra impetus to force my ass into shape. I have become rather indolent as of late, and my expanding waistline is a sure sign that I need to take drastic measures.

The last boxing bootcamp that I did was back in January and I’m looking forward to getting back in shape. The good thing about bootcamps is that I feel motivated to see the thing through. I actually feel bad when I miss a day. The fact that the punishment for absence includes a being thrown in the San Francisco Bay is also a strong motivating factor. The fellas who run the thing are pretty cool. They strike a fine balance between meaning business and pushing you during the boot camp and cracking jokes.
I am not a very good boxer. My arms are short and my rhythm is highly suspect. But on the plus side I find a good punch to the jaw an exhilarating way to start the day. I’m mostly in it for the cardio, although these things traditionally end with a public display of fisticuffs. I suppose I’ll have to lace up my gloves when the time comes.

In the meantime, I am sore and tired. Being reliant on Muni, I have to get up at 4:30 in order to make it down to the gym in time for the days boxing lesson. I’m having problems because there are no other buses for me to catch. Not only do I have to wake up stupid-early, I also have to lug my boxing gear with me (gloves, headgear, jumprope, Survivor cd) and my ridiculously overstuffed backpack with me, because I go straight to school afterwards. Then, when I am going to school I have to lug the same crap around with me all day. Lockers don’t seem to be an option, unfortunately…

But I’m not one to let some minor logistical annoyances get in the way of a good exercise regime, so it’s cups of coffee and early bedtimes for me. It seems like my life is either at the gym, the classroom, or the library right now. It seems that way, because it’s true. Two days down, 28 more to go.

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  • So then I shouldn’t expect and new bar reviews for the next six weeks? What time are you going to bed? I guess its not that bad since you don’t have a tv. You are missing some funny shit on HBO though. Larry David is back for another season and the entourage finale was the best yet.

  • <p>Well, I do have two bar reviews “in the pocket” waiting to make it onto the site, so you’ll be able to see them. Other than that, though. It’s back to the world of lame. Which sucks because my fellow law students are total alcoholics. I have to wake up at 4:30 to catch the bus down to 3rd street, so I’m usually asleep by 10:00 at the latest.<br />
    We finally got a TV and I saw entourage. When are we going to Cannes?</p>

  • […] am now at the midway point of my boxing bootcamp, and things are progressing nicely. Timing, strength, and overall conditioning is improving. […]

  • Hey man this sounds great, I have just started training to get my first amatuer fight, wouldnt mind working this kinda thing into a gap year. How much does it cost.

  • I think right now the guys are charging $500 for 5 weeks, which is high but totally worth it.

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