So here we are in the future, the year we make contact and all that jazz, and I still don’t have my flying car or my hoverboard. This glaring oversight of the scientific community continues to fill my heart with longing, sorrow, and rage but I suppose phone-computers and wireless recharging mats are sci-fi enough to satiate my cravings for futurity, which is a word I am fairly certain I just created.

I spent New Year’s Eve literally banging on a gong and eating elk while I wore someone else’s fedora and talked about comic books with a man wearing the largest wristwatch in the Northern Hemisphere. I spent the first day of this decade traveling from one end of the country to the other in the fuzzy  headspace of a not-quite hangover combined with only partially adapted-to jet lag. My Amazon Kindle proved itself quite conversation-piece during my time in the wilds of holiday air travel and I spent most of the first flight reading PDFs of David Mamet screenplays, and most of the second flipping between Sun Tzu and a trashy fantasy-noir novel.

Back in San Francisco now; back at work. My hands are on the keyboard once again, ploughing through my student note before it hits the presses in between checking and rechecking my grades from last semester. I started back at work, so even before my final semester of law school begins I find myself staring down the barrel of deadlines and workloads. School starts next week and I still need to hammer out my final schedule, buy books, do reading, etc. That doesn’t include the long-term job search, for which I need to steel my resolve in the face of overwhelming (and overwhelmingly fierce) competition since I am a 3L earning my J.D. in the legal employment apocalypse.

Fortunately, I have serious time management chops and I have perfected the art of focused busts of pure creativity. The workload doesn’t worry me. The soul-crushing existential dread about my future? That might be s different story in the long run. But for now I am content to be back in San Francisco, prepared to wring the last drops out of my academic life. This new year, this 20101 is positively tumescent with promise. I have work to do, yes. But I also have movies and TV shows to watch, comics and books to read, video games to play, blog posts to feel guilty about not writing and maybe eventually writing. I will have visitors come to me. I will visit others. I will make and fail to keep some resolutions while others will change my life. This new year is shiny and great.

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