Friday Night Fights: The Old (Mad)Man and the Sea

Stupid things like traveling to new parts of the country, spending time with family and friends, and working on law school briefs have really cut into my posting-scanned-comics-panels-on-the-internet time. As a result, I’ve had to sit out the last few rounds of Friday Night Fights refereed by the dread Bahlactus, but now I feel the need to step back into the ring.

Mike Allred’s Madman faces a dizzying array of opponents in Madman Gargantua, fighting robots, terrorists, and giant puke blobs with equal vigor. He even goes toe-to-toe with the creatures of the deep. To set the scene: Our Hero has been traveling on the giant swollen brain of his mutating friend and employer Dr. Boiffard. After much soul searching and bonding on the open ocean, Madman finds himself approaching an island. Unfortunately, shortly after making landfall, Madman (a.k.a. Frank Einstein) accidentally drops his rocket pack into the briny deep.


Much to Frank’s chagrin, he finds the device protected by some manner of purple cephalapod. Frank knows what to do.


Having gone all Santiagio on the creature, Frank escapes from his watery grave but has to take care not to let his mind run away from him, as it were. But the wounded squid blocks his approach.

The Old (Mad)Man and the Sea 1

This quick thinking marked the end of Frank’s nautical excursion but the not the end of his time on the island.

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