Friday Night Fights: The Goon is Not Interested in Silk Handkerchiefs

the goon chinatown mister wicker lead pipe eric powell

This comes from the recently released and very awesome graphic novel The Goon: Chinatown

It’s a kind of origin story for Eric Powell’s heavily scarred noir character and it looks incredible. The Goon pretends to be an enforcer for a crime family while actually running the show himself, frequently going up against zombies and supernatural weirdness as a natural cost of doing business. Chinatown varies from the usual formula, eschewing humor for a darker, more emotional tone. From the first page Powell warns the reader that “This ain’t funny” and he ain’t kidding as he shows us how The Goon got his scars, inside and out. If this is more than you want to know, take it up with Bahlactus.

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