Friday Night Fights: Madman versus Skinless Circus Freak

Frank Einstein had a brief flirtation with a career in the circus. He traveled with the troup on a sea journey, but to say that the circus folk didn’t exactly warm to our snazzily dressed hero would be putting it mildly. Take for example this early encounter with the show’s skinless strongman:

Mamdan Fights A Circus Freak 1

Frank may in fact be something of a scaredy-cat, but the man has some serious moves:

Madman Fights a Circus Freak 3

A master of running an interior dialogue, even after getting kneed in the chain, Frank may hate pain but can still take a punch:

Madman Fights a Circus Freak 2

Pain, maybe. But never death. He has also apparently mastered some heretofore unknown martial art thatmakes his kicks have defecatory sound effects:

Madman Fights a Circus Freak 4

He even manages to lay the final smackdown while pondering some of the deeper questions that plague us on this moving sidewalk we call life:

Madman Fights a Circus Freak and kicks him in the face

Madman has it all: depth, agility, charisma. Just like Bahlactus.

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