Friday Night Fights: Daredevil Mixes it Up With Bullseye. Again.

In the case of Daredevil v. Bullseye, Mr. Murdock employs some radical legal strategies. Normally counsel does not mention wanting to hear his opponents bones splinter. But then, usually the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure do not provide for the use of throwing stars.

daredvil fights bullseye frank miller

So a lawyer does what he has to to win the case up to and including using his adversary’s firearm.

daredivl fights bullseye frank miller

He has no choice when Bullseye resorts to the controversial “This brick… mash your face” defense first utilized by Allen Dershowitz in Brick v. Face.

daredevil fights bullseye frank miller

But victory is what’s important, whether its established by a well-reasoned application of legal theory or choking your adversary until he stops moving.

bullseye fights daredevil 4 frank miller

I would be telling an outright lie if I said that a big part of the reason I’m in law school at all is the influence of Daredevil. Man, that’s sad. I hope Bahlactus can make me feel better.

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