Friday Night Fights: 100 Bullets, 2 Fists

I still have time to answer the call of Bahlactus.

100 bullets scan bare knuckle brawl

It starts with a vulgar display of power.

100 bullets scan bare kuckle fight

Then, I like that my brutal underground bareknuckle brawls have pseudo-philosophical tough-guy commentary.

100 bullets comic scan bare knuckle brawl

In the noir-ish underbelly of 100 Bullets, as in real life, its usually a bad idea to bet against a guy named Jackhammer.

100 bullets comics fight

Because stuff like this tends to happen.

100  bullets

All of the preceding comes from 100 Bullets: Strychnine Lives, book numero neuve of the greatest crime/conspiracy/whatever HBO show in comic form. I love it and cannot wait until it concludes and I can read the whole confusing mess all over again.

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