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Blogday 2007: Showing Love by Linking…

Blog Day 2007

These are some areas of the internet that have been known to catch my eye when I should really be paying attention in class, or doing my reading. As part of my entry into the   festivities, I would like to highlight these other blogs. I offer my links:

Lacunae is the blog of Douglas Wolk, a freelance journalist and critic who writes about music, comic books and other things for the New York Times, Blender, the Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, Rolling Stone,, and a bunch of other places. He also wrote Reading Comics, which fills me with both rage and admiration.

WW1 Experiences of an English Soldier is made up of transcripts of letters written by Harry Lamin, an English infantrymean from the first World War. The letters are posted exactly 90 years after they were written, so you get an idea of what it would be like to get frontline dispatches at the time. It’s an interesting way to experience history.

Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers is a little bit of everything. There are looks at family life, culture and politics, and even poetry. There are also some excellent pictures of the Irish countryside.

Very Short Novels is a blog that understands the value of concise language. Hemingway said the best story he ever wrote was only six words. Well, these aren’t that brief but the author does make an effort to cut away everything but the meat of his fiction. Each story is 299 words. That leaves no room for fluff and requires a level of discipline I admire.

MightyGodKing is my brother from another mother and internet spiritual advisor. This blog seems to have many of the same concerns as Semantic Drift like law school, movies, comics, etc., but is often funnier, much to my chagrin. I especially like the “Explaining Hollywood” scenes.

The Stupidest Terrorists in the World

With the success of the Transformers movie, it seems quite likely that other 80s toy properties will find their way to the big screen. G.I. Joe seems like ti could be at the top of the list. Despite the fact that no one ever died, even in jet airplane explosions, this was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid. Something else that always kind of bothered me was the way that Cobra would try an insane plan that made zero sense to rational human beings, like tying chainsaws to cats or something. Then their retarded plan would almost work, except for one little problem that enabled the Joes to triumph by using mice to distract the cats. Then, in the next episode Cobra would come up with a completely new bat-shit crazy plan instead of refining their attempt by using dogs or something. I realize that it would not have made for great Saturday morning television, but from a resource allocation perspective, it would have made way more sense for Cobra.


I realize you might be thinking that I spend way too much time thinking about this stuff. You’re probably right, but I don’t spend anywhere near as much time as Zack Parsons over at Something Awful. Thank god for that. He looks at what went wrong with Cobra operations at the strategic, tactical, and logistical level in his Cobra After-Action Report. If only Destro would have cc’ed Cobra Commander on one of these things we might be living in a very different cartoon society.

Life in the Trenches

As a physically large man with an even temper and a propensity to be around bars, I found myself well-suited to the role of bouncer. I was a natural, and enjoyed the work until the constant stream of idiots and reprobates that made up the patronage of my bar wore down my will to live. It was in a relatively small town and the only place that had anything remotely festive happening during the week. Our Ladies night happened every Tuesday, and it brought jackasses aplenty without fail. They would all behave in the same annoying way and pull the same lame-ass stunts and tricks. The same angry roid-monkeys would start fights and the same jailbait high-school seniors would try to get in with the same fake IDs every week set to the same “My Humps”-heavy soundtrack. The sheer repetition was enough to make me start to hate them all, so I had to get out of the game.

Clublife gives you the bouncer’s pov, sharing all the frustrations and trenchant commentary that can only open on the inside of the velvet rope. Check it out. This is how it is.

Black Ops

Have you ever used Google and thought to yourself “Self, all this searching is handy but the screen has too much white. I would prefer something darker.”? Well, there is a solution for you. It’s called Black Google. But be warned: conventional wisdom suggests that once you use it, you will never go back.


Black Google does seem less robust than the real thing. As Preston pointed out the search results differ from one to the other. Although Black Google seemed to have all the relevant rsults, it only returned 2 pages for yours truly. White Google brought back 8 pages.

A Corollary to the King of Queens Effect

While Hollywood keeps trying to convince us that we live in some kind of Kevin James-ian Wonderland where Maxim models routinely go out with chubby schlubs and unkempt losers score with improbably hot young women on a regular basis, we know that life in the real world is remarkably different. The cold hard truth is that in the wild the really attractive women tend to seek out the biggest tools in the room and squander their affections on the heavily-gelled assholes who deserve a punch in the face more than the affections of buxom women. Don’t believe me? Then follow the link to see a collection of

Hot Chicks with Douchebags