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Epic Poetry: The Ballad of Wolverine

Kevin Church has just linked to an awesome product that I wish I would have had back in my younger days. In the comments I recalled my earliest and only attempt at writing poetry and/or rapping. It was the epic tale of one of the most powerful warriors of all time. That warrior’s name was:

Wolverine! Wolverine!
He’s the Man with the Claws
who enforces the laws
Wolverine! Wolverine!
He’s a mutant
of the superhero kind
Always fighting
for your peace of mind
So you don’t clawed in the middle of the night
Is always putting up the fight
For truth, justice, and liberty
With his partners: Havoc, Gambit, Jubilee…

Wolverine of the X-Men

Wolverine! Wolverine!
He came all the way from the frozen north
to protect us all with his lethal force
Wolverine! Wolverine!
The government messed with his memory
but he can still save you and me
He’s the best there is
At what he does
although his arms
are covered in fuzz
He’s the baddest of the X-Men,
He don’t just test them.
He can fight, claw, and heal real well
He’s gonna send Sabretooth straight to hell

Wolverine Hugh Jackman

And so on…

Tract Infection

Have you ever found one of those little comics laying around somewhere? You know, the ones with the hilariously over-the-top fundamentalist warnings against the evil of rock music, abortion, and science? Well, chances are it came from Jack Chick. I remember I found multiple copies of the witchcraft one slipped in between the shelves of the New Age section of the bookstore where I worked. I’m sure the souls of the nerdy goth kids who shoplifted tarot cards were saved. Perhaps their acne was miraculously washed away through the power of God, like the leper’s spots. I found the little comics repugnant, but was strangely fascinated. You can see what I’m talking about here, but a far more entertaining synopsis has just been posted at 10 Zen Monkeys. Check it out.