Three-Dimensional Floating Sinew


Or something like that. There’s a fairly rave review up at the Book Covers Blog for the packaging to the new Chuck Palahniuk book I mentioned earlier. While I generally adhere to the whole “not by it’s cover” school of judging a book, I must admit that this one looks pretty damn cool. Granted, I know next to nothing about graphic design. But my time as Barnes & Noble wage slave has given me rigorous training in recognizing cool covers that are worthy of an end-cap. I’ve just started the actual novel, so there’ll be a full review when I finish. For now just enjoy the pretty picture. In fact, you should go check out some similar and equally pretty pictures at the artist’s website. None are quite as human-body oriented as the Rant cover, but they all have the free floating, 3-d cross-section look.

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