I’m at Wordcamp 2007

I’m sitting in the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco with a gaggle of other bloggers at Wordcamp 2007 . We are listening to other WordPress users talk about blogging. I got up way too early for this, but so far it’s worth the bleary eyes and the hosts were kind enough to give us free coffee. I’ll try to post my impressions throughout the day. Please bear in mind that they are my impressions, and I give them to you free of the restraints of linearity in the order that makes the most sense to me.

Regarding the Blogs vs. Journalism Panel:

  • On Blogs and the Mainsteam Media
    • Dvorak: Blogs being coopted by mainstream media
    • Malik: Blogs see stories as ongoing processes, not finished events. Covers evolution.
    • Dvorak: Digg got biggest upsurge from Paris’ Hilton’s PDA- Bloggers fall for non-news celebrity tripe as much as mainstream media
    • Dvorak: Blogging = “Institutionalized Ankle-biting” -scrutinizing mainstream media, which the big dogs find annoying
    • Dvorak: New York Times is designed after the Onion. Bloggers suffer from being typecast as “only a blog,” partially because of simplicity of template. If they had slicker design, people would have more faith
    • Dvorak: All Bloggers are citizen journalists, even if they report on nothing but whether or not their cats can have cheezburgers.
    • Malik: Bloggers should make attempts to call the subjects of stories, this
      covers their ass legally
    • Dvorak: Bloggers should maybe take one journalism class, look into libel law. You
      can’t legally call someone a crook, but you can call them a douchebag. Is
      calling someone “shady” libelous?
    • Malik: Big media sites should engage smaller bloggers and engender a sense of trust with readers. NYT does a poor job of this. NYT does not use audience effectively.
  • On Comments:
    • Malik: Comments good, bad, and ugly show a level of engagement and involvement
    • Dvorak: If your filters are worth a shit, they will do most of the moderating for you
    • Malik: Like a bar, you decide what kind of bartender you want to be and what kind of joint you want to run
    • Dvorak: leave some of the “You suck!” comments in, if they offer evidence for why you suck
    •  Dvorak: rated comments are bull (except for reviews) because they are prone to partisan smack-talking
  • On Mistakes- Permanence of Articles v. Changing Copy
    • Dvorak: changing the text after mistake is noticed is fun because it can make commenters look like dopes
    • Malik: write the post, step away for 15 minutes then check again before posting
  • On Blogging Internationally:
    • Malik: mostly via mobile phone, especially in India
    • Malik: Australia not good at cricket, may or may not be good at blogging. Blogging is directly correlated to availability of broadband
  • There is a NYT Blog worker here and we are experiencing our own little Crossfire. The last word? Dvorak says the NYT are clueless. (Possibly douchebags, although this goes unsaid).

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