Potentially Telling But Most Likely Meaningless Autobiographical Detail #2

I eschew ornamentation. Not big on jewelry of any kind; rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings have no place on my body. It’s not so much a value judgment. I’m sure there are many virile and strong men who like to decorate themselves with little trinkets. I would certainly never impugn the Masculinity of someone like Mr. T (indeed I would most likely join him in pitying the fools who did). But jewelry annoys me. Even functional jewelry like watches gets on my nerves and feels unnatural against my skin.

For this reason, I have long been a proponent of doing away with antiquated traditions like the wedding ring. Why should I be forced to wear decorative frill just because I’ve gotten married. I concede the importance of a symbol of everlasting love, so I therefore propose the “Wedding Belt.” It’s circular like a ring and won’t annoy me like other jewelry

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