Going Dark

I can never stay out of Florida. Despite moving across the country and setting up residence as far away as possible, I keep getting sucked back in. The ties of friendship and family keep drawing me home to the sunshine state, usually for weddings. That’s the case now, as I sit here typing and sweating. I always forget about the sticky-heavy heat that punches you in the face as soon as you walk out of MCO. It drains the will to live right out of your soul. I’ve grown far too accustomed to the temperate San Francisco climate to be expected to function here anymore. Growing up, it wasn’t a problem dodgin wasps and mosquitos and rednecks and drunks, but this place doesn’t feel right to me anymore. I’ve lost the qualities of a native and that which was once familiar now feels cumbersome and strange.

All of which to say that I probably won’t be posgting anything for the next few days while re-acclimate myself to Florida and celebrate my brother’s impending nuptials. There’s only dial-up connection in my parents house and I feel like I might send the laptop through a wall if I try to use it after this. Plus I’ll be pretty busy. Signing off…

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